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A Solution Trusted by 100s of NBFC & Micro Finance Companies

Jainam Software is Software as a Service platform providing automated accounting specially designed for finance and deposit business with the digital platform. Using Jainam Software product, financiers can manage their end-to-end finance business with minimal manual effort because most of the processes are automated. Automation is done for customer onboarding, fraudulent check, ID check, credit score check, auto disbursements, auto collections, and digital payments. Using this platform multiple users like superuser, admin, manager, collection agent, credit officer, recovery agent, customer, and auditors can access their respective data to perform business functionalities.

The power of Jainam software comes with customization, because the product is designed in such a way that 60% of the functionalities are user-customized. Customization of interest calculation, flexible interest, run time interest calculations are extremely easy in Jainam Software. There are more than 200+ interest calculations that are possible in the system like daily, weekly, monthly, etc. with intervals from 1 to 15 and calculations like flat installment, internal rate of return (IRR), deducting interest from the principal, on-demand interest calculation, customization installment plan, and many more.

Collection of cash through mobile is extremely easy and can handle more than 50+ Rules on the field scenarios like receive less, receive more, advance installment, Set Visit if advance  paid, follow-up, etc.

Using this product, compliance reporting is done using the configuration reporting concept. In addition to this customers can directly create their own reports using the Ad-hoc report concept.

Cloud Based

Jainam Software is a Cloud based SaaS( Software as a Service) product where the application is accessed via the internet, meaning the user doesn’t install and maintain the software locally.

Cost Effective

Jainam Software is cost effective as pricing is based on “As You Go” basis. By knowing the exact usage requirements of the data and software, you can choose the plan. So, you will be paying only for your usage

API Integrated

Jainam Software is integrated with rich API’s like SMS, CKYC, CRIF, NACH, UIDAI, BANK, etc. These integrations help the financer reduce paperwork & speed up the collections. These integrations also play a major role in the growth of the financiers business.

Ultimate Features

Manage loans & deposits at a very high speed, Automatically onboard customers, Auto Verify Documents & IDs, Auto verify Credit rating, Auto verify Mobile & Bank A/c, Auto Payment, Auto Collection, Auto Interest, Auto Penalty. Real-Time!. 

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Our Vision

A simplified solution with process automation built on the digital platform for connecting borrowers/investors and financiers/depositors.

Our Mission

To have 2000+ financiers using Jainam Software SAAS Platform globally by 2021

Our Values

Save time & money by integrating business intelligence & new technologies to scale business.

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