Customer Relationship Management is the interaction between customer and organization. For every type of business Customer relationship management is very important. It helps to improve business and ultimately driving growth of organization. It is necessary to keep our customer happy. Customer satisfaction is more important at the end for every company. 

How Jainam Software plays role while  managing customer relationship?

Jainam software has their own customer support team. Jainam software team is taking care of every customer queries, requirements. Jainam software provides end to end training to their customers. Jainam software accepts customized service request. If customer wants to place any specific customized order, he can use Jainam software Service request option. So technical team will take care of every customer service request. And customer can see their service request status from his own login. Customer can also contact to support team for further help.

From Help /FAQ customer can view 5 options

  1. Service Request :- So using this option customer can easily raise their own service request and easily reach to jainam software technical team.
  1. Service Usage Report :- In this report customer can see their own service usage . He can check available credits and used credits. He can analyses his own credit usage.
  1. Service Catalogue :- So from service catalogue, customer can view add on services of all information. These services are offered mainly for fraudulent check.
  1. FAQ :– So FAQ also plays an important role while managing customer relationship. Any kind of queries or questions, customer can search in FAQ. FAQ is the best place to check all your queries. He can easily get answers of their questions with less efforts . This helps to run their business without interruption .
  1. Videos :- Jainam software has their own You tube Channel , So all types of business related videos available on you tube. Customer can take subscription and will get all notification of  current updates.

Customized setting 

So from Master set up > setting  option Jainam software Client can set their own setting according their rules and regulation. This master set up > setting is the rule engine of software or business. It helps to run the business smoothly and efficiently. It helps to increase productivity and business growth. So Jainam software helps Marchant to manage good relationship with their borrower for a long term basis. They can keep interaction with their current and potential customers. For successful implementation of customer relationship several steps are necessary like customer intimacy , network development , client portfolio analyses and so on.

Jainam software offers different types of discounts and greetings to the client and successful to keep long term and friendly relationship with them.

Here are few steps to receive support and services

  1. Search any question in Help/FAQs section. If you do not find any help then submit the question. You can also submit the features that you need to be added in this software.
  2. WhatsApp +91 9403180993
  3. Email
  4. Call +91 9403180993