IRR Loan – Bank Reducing interest with increasing principal. Popular for housing, vehicle, property loan and general purpose.

Balloon Loan Popular for business loan where interest is recovered at regular interval and finally full principal.

Overdraft Loan This loan’s interest is calculated as per disbursement that is on monthly outstanding.

Bill Discounting Distributor gets paid by financier for the invoices raised for the dealer. If dealer pays on time then he will get cashback points as well.

DSA Loan Disbursement by financier and Collection by Direct Selling Agent ( DSA)

RSP Loan – Shared financing where collection will be distributed under revenue sharing partnership (RSP)

Jumping Interest – This Loan is Popular for Gold Loan where rate of interest jumps on higher side and get locks if repayment is delayed.
Runtime Interest – Interest is calculated on daily basis till maturity date. Excess repayment is adjusted towards principal.

Group Loan –
This loan is popular in self help group (SHG). Joint liability group (JLG). This is used mostly to empower women’s capabilities in rural areas.

Daily Diary Loan – This Loan is Popular for emergency loan, where interest is deducted upfront and daily repayment is recovered in 100 days.

Education Loan -This Loan is locked for maximum 2 years after locking period entire amount is recovered with interest. IRR is designed after locking period.

Payday Loan – This Loan is given to salaried people and full payment recovered on salary day. It is similar to early salary.

Runtime Interest accrual – This loan interest is calculated on daily basis with monthly accrual feature. The monthly accrual is done automatically and borrower also can see the same view of the interest.


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