Jainam software provide API for third party services for example sms service api integration , Payment gateway api integration, e-kyc api integration , Cibil api integration , Geo Location, Gst verification.

1.SMS Integration helps to send end to end message automatically. Jainam Software provide sms api designed to send SMS messages. Is the most convenient way to send automated sms messages directly from our platform.

2. Payment Gateway Integration helps to automatically verification of customer bank account

a) Customer can make digital payment (debit card, net banking, UPI, mobile wallet)

b). You can disburse amount to customer bank account on

c)One click (no need to pay cash, cheque, RTGS)

d) You can set e-mandate from customer bank account to your bank account. (no need to collect PDC, cash, field collection)

3. E-KYC  helps to verify customer IDs like Aadhar, PAN, Voter and Driving License automatically on one click. (no need to be dependent on your staff for customer verification)

4. Credit Score Service helps to get credit score and Report helps to pull CIBIL report on one click.

5. Geo location Service helps to capture customer location from where the loan is applied to avoid fraud.

6. GST Verification helps to verify GST automatically.