Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, lots of lenders want to use a Automated Loan management
system with built in Analytics. This Automated system is not only the need of banks, NBFCs but
is also attracting consumers from the rural and semi urban areas.

What is a Loan Management System?

Loan management systems help automate the entire loan lifecycle. The software helps with
creating customers, processing customer information, creating new loans, approval of loans,
disbursement to recovery of the loan. The software also provides lenders with accurate
statements and reports. Moreover, they can manage interest rates and provide the tools for
customers to login and pay online.

Jainam Software has emerged as a partner of choice to NBFCs, Section 8 registered
microfinance companies and NGO’s, Section 8 registered Nidhi companies, credit cooperative
societies and 25+ line of businesses. Our loan management system is an end-to-end lending
lifecycle management solution that enables lenders to work flexibly and in an agile manner. It is
a unique platform where lenders can manage business using automated accounting with digital
integration and grow it using advanced technology.

Key features of Jainam software’s Loan management system. These are the features that we
expect in a perfect Loan Management system.

1) Multi Loan Category Creation: Jainam Software allows consumers to create EMI Based loans
and Non EMI Based loans of different categories like Personal, Gold, Property, Product, Vehicle,
Policy, Business etc. Consumers can use different calculation methods based on their business
like Interest with principal, Deduct interest from Principal, First Interest Then Principal etc. This
gives the consumer greater business visibility and improves efficiency across the loan lifecycle.

2) Flexible Repayment frequencies: Lenders can create loans of different frequencies like Daily,
Weekly, Monthly and Yearly based on the interest rate, Tenure and other specifications. Bullet
repayment or interest moratoriums for a specified time frame can also be created in Jainam

4): Verification of Documents: This feature allows lenders to verify KYC of the borrower by
uploading the KYC documents necessary for loan application Like PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Voter
Id, Driving License, Bank Statement etc. These documents can be automatically verified on one
click. No manual intervention is needed.

5) Credit Score Report Download and Upload: This Service helps lenders to get the credit score
of the borrower on one click. It also allows lenders to upload defaulter’s data to credit bureau

6) Multi-Disbursement Functionality: Jainam Software supports single and multiple
disbursement schedules as defined by lenders. Loan Disbursements are automated using the
Disburse Payout feature. This feature of jainam software significantly saves the lenders time and
increases customer satisfaction and also helps lenders grow the size of their loan books.

7): Flexible Payments Module: Jainam Software supports a flexible payment module that
includes options like cheque, NACH, eNACH, Net banking or UPI. Borrower can login to their app
and make digital payment (debit card, net banking, UPI, mobile wallet) or Lender can set
e-mandate from Borrower bank account to Lender bank account. (no need to collect PDC, cash,
field collection). This helps save time and money that can be used for something else in the

8): Dynamic Loan Document Generation: Jainam software allows lenders to develop their
business specific templates and create loan documents on demand.
9):Restructuring of Loans: Loan restructuring concept in Jainam software gives borrowers
greater flexibility on their outstanding loan balances while ensuring adequate provisioning for
bad debts on the books of lenders. Jainam softwares advanced support engine helps lenders to
restructure loans while reducing customer impact.

10) NPA,Settlements and Write-offs: Jainam Software gives lending teams better visibility into
borrowers’ financial behaviour through inbuilt workflows based on predefined parameters. This
helps them reduce net losses and improve recovery rates.

11)Accounting Software Integrated: Jainam Software provides a perfect accounting and ledger
management system. All loan related accounting is done automatically. All the other income
and expenses accounting can also be done through jainam software and maintained in jainam
software. There is no need to have accounting knowledge because Jainam Software provides
chart of accounting to help manage all the ledgers. Cash Deposit, Cash Withdrawal, Payment,
Receipt, Journal Entry, Balance sheet and P&L, Trial balance are all a part of jainam software.
This helps lending teams measure their financial performance accurately and make realistic
projections about future growth.

12) Collections Management: Jainam Software has digitized the entire collection module, for
lenders and the external collection agencies that they work with. A lender can manage 1000+
loans daily collection in less than 10 min in Jainam Software. If collection is done by visiting
customer location, then Jainam Software has field collection through mobile. A login can be
created for the collection staff and collection staff is given only field collection access. The
collection staff will access the daily due loan list through registered mobile. The mobile will
show the customer route so that maximum collection is done in less time. This collection from
mobile is real time. End of the day collection staff will come to the office and handover the
collected amount. There will be no need to make any additional entry in the system. There are
50+ field collection rules managed in mobile. Collection managers can see staff wise collections.
Staff can also see total collection done individually.

13)Effective Loan Communication Management: Jainam Software can streamline and automate
customer communication with regard to EMIs due, payment status, reminder alerts,through the
SMS service. This can improve customer engagement and help lenders grow the lifetime value
of a customer.

14) ORS – Operations Reporting System: There are more than 25 different types of reports like
daily collection, collection by staff, group wise collection, loan status, daily due list, outstanding
list, etc. that helps lenders to keep a check on collections, dues loan status etc.

15) Financial management: Financial management in jainam software includes Cash &
Mercantile Accounting, Interest & Expenses Projection, Cash in hand, bank balance, different
charts to analyze business, Balance Sheet, P&L, Trial Balance, Day Book, Cash Statement, Bank
The statement, Account Statement, Party Trial and Party Ledger. All these reports can be accessed,
viewed, filtered, sorted, grouped, printed, emailed and exported.

16) Branch Management System: In Jainam Software Branch Hierarchy is defined by the lender
like Group > Cluster > Block > District > State > Head Office. All Reports are filtered based on

To Sum Up: Why Jainam Software?

A: Cost effective, easy to use, pricing “As You Go” basis
B: Designed for global financiers
C: Used and recommended by 50+ NBFCs
D: Solution is customizable as per business need
E: Speed, secured and quality service
F: Access from Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, PC

Jainam Software is a end-to-end loan management solution that helps lenders identify market
gaps, execute with precision, and create greater value for their customers, shareholders, and