A Written explanation that is added to a book or other textual material. “he wrote an extended comment on the proposal” commentary statement – a message that is stated or declared; a communication (oral or written) setting forth particulars or facts etc; “Customer will pay on Sunday”
Comments plays an vital role while taking follow up or managing business. In Jainam Software we can enter comments while doing collection and we can easily check the reminder of every comments through the follow up list. We can create reminder while entering comments in loan account and deposit account and from customer profile. So there are two different follow up you can see one is from customer < follow up and second is Status report < follow up list.

Following are the steps to create comments that means reminder or follow up for particular customer :
Step 1 : Search customer from the search bar .
Step 2 : You can see customer profile then click on follow up button and then enter comments for example Customer visit on sunday.
Step 3 : Select date for which you want to see or remind that comment and you can take follow up of that customer.
Step 4 : Then click on save button . Means you have created comments successfully .
Ste[ 5 : So from customer < Follow up you can see follow up comments report. You can filter using date range option and check the report.
Step 6 : You can create more comments using this steps only.

Search customer and you can see follow up option their so if you click on follow up button you can write comments for example. Customer is not available. And save then you can write second comment also like Customer available on Sunday. And save this .After that you can set reminder also write date and time. And save. From status report you can see follow up list their.

So For loan account follow up, Follow the below steps :

Step 1 : Search loan from search bar

Step 2 : click on follow up option to create comments and reminder for particular customer.

Step 3 : Add comments from follow up option, their you can set reminder and add visit charges if any and just click to the save button.

From Status Report < Follow up list , You can check reminder and easily follow up that day and time for that particular customer. In Jainam software we can manage Finance business very easy and simple way with less efforts and it will save our valuable time.

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