Edit code in customer menu is used to define the customer location so that field collection can get customer route automatically. If you define the customer code that is location correctly then it will speed up the field collection.” 

In Edit code you can use group filter and active / inactive filter to define the customer code and you can do the collection easily. This feature is very helpful in Money lending business. As its save our manual efforts and valuable time and grow your business with higher level.

Edit Code option is given to set customer location on priority. So location code is generated after customer creation. So when you go to field collection < loan collection list while doing field collection location code is working an important role. So in loan collection list customer will be shown in the sequence according to location code of that particular customer.

Below picture is defining Customer Location Report :

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Follow the given steps to apply Edit Code :

Step 1 : Click on Customer < Edit code
Step 2 : Use Active / Inactive and Group Filter to check customer data

Step 3 : Check Customer location and address according to the Group Mapped

Step 4 : Then you can edit code of particular customer, their preference is first, second , third like so on in the sequence. And clicked on save button. So You can see, customer sequence is changed according to you preference saved.

Step 5 : After this you can check Loan Collection List, their you can see customer profile is coming according to your set location sequence. So easily collector can do collection in the field with less time.