Loan transfer is very important feature in Finance business. Loan transfer is of different types. It will be one loan transfer to other loan and loan transfer to Savings account. And their is saving transfer to loan account like this.

So in Jainam software we can easily manage loan transfer functionality. Lets have a look, how it will work.

Following are the steps for loan transfer to Savings.

Step 1: -Go to ledger add to favorite and add saving account transfer to favourite ledger list.

Step 2: Then search customer from search bar for example f-1, you will get customer profile details. Then click on deposit buttont to create saving deposit for the same customer.

Step 3: And then again search customer and click on loan button to create loan for this customer. So you will get loan entry form. So you need to fill up all details and in payment mode select saving account transfer and disburse loan. So once loan saved means it is tranfer to saving account of that particular customer via saving account transfer option.

Step 4: Now Marchant or financer can search customer and click on passbook details. Then he can see all accounts details of that borrower or customer. Click on saving account then you can see all details of that saving account. So for example let’s say 25000 loan transfer to Savings. Means in saving account 25000 is deposited via saving account transfer.

Step 5: So borrower can do the withdrawal of that amount which he has taken loan from Marchant or Financer. So just enter amount and date and click on withdrwal option.Withdrwal amount will get deducted from saving deposit.

Step 6:Then customer can pay loan EMI through saving account.Means customer can deposit money to the saving account and financer can easily receive loan EMI from customers savings account balance. So you can search loan from search bar and then enter loan EMI amount and date and mode should be saving account transfer and just click to receive button.