Jainam  Software  team receive a wide variety of customer requests.  Customer has any problem they can send their request it goes to manager then it goes IT section  then IT section can process  their request immediately.

Key Feature Of Service Request Management in Jainam Software.

  1. Create request : You can create a service Request in Jainam Software. If you have  any problem than you can create service request  Jainam  software. 

2.Service usage report: Customer  can purchase third  party services from  jainam software for ex. Sms service, e-kyc, credit bureau, payment gateway service , geo location . Customer can seen  their credit uses in these history .

3.Service catlogue :

 The services mentioned below are add-on services. They can be pluged & play anytime based on availability of services and depending on your company registration. These services are offered mainly for fraudulent check.

The Service Catalogue is the only part of the Service Portfolio published to Customers, and is used to support the sale and delivery of Software Services

4. FAQ /VIDEO: You can use FAQ Menu for any software related queries. All questions and answers are ready. Any kind of query you can search answer their.

Jainam Software Service Request Management system will be enable you to manage change with ease , remain resilient during uncertainty, and react proactively and stratragically .