HR Management> Employee List

Staff Login helps in effective management of the business. In Jainam Software we can create staff and a unique LoginId and a Password using the Employee Entry Form

To create a staff login follow the steps below

1: Go to HR Management> Employee List

Employee List

2:Fill the Employee entry form as shown below

3:In the form fill the First Name, Last Name , Login Id, Password, Mobile etc as shown in the Image below

4: Loginid and password can be anything forexample: firstname.lastname@yourcompanyname

5: In the Check Options: Select the option you want

a)Collection is Automatically Verified: This Option allows to verify collection automatically

b)Grant Admin Permission: This option gives full permission to the software.

c)Login only on Registered Device: This Option allows to login only from registered device of the staff. This is a unique feature of jainam software that helps keep the data secured. Once the device is registered staff will not be able login from any other device.

6: If the employee is an Agent then add the agent commission. Agent commission is a precentage. For example 2, 4, 6, 7 percent etc. Agent commision is calculated based on collection, principal amount etc

7: Select the day off for your employee. That is select the day that you will be giving a day off for your employee.

8: Final step is to click on the create button. Employee is created successfully as shown in the image below

9: If you want to reset the password of the employee. Just select the employee as shown in the Imgae below, Type a new password and click on the Set New Pssword Button. The new password is set.Set New Password

10: To Update any information of the employee just select the employee as shown in the image below, Modify the field you want to update (Ex: Mobile number, Email etc) and click on the update button. The record is Updated

Update Staff

11: To delete any employee just select the employee and click on the delete button.

12: Suppose if the employee is your Branch Manager and you want to set a appropriate Branch for the Manager. Select the employee and and click on the set Branch Button as shown in the image below.Set Branch

13: Search branch that you want to set for the Employee. Branch list will be displayed

14: Select the branch and Click on Add Button.Search Branch

15: If you want to Remove the branch. Select the Branch and Click on the Remove Button.