Our customers spend daily less than 5 min to manage 10K loan accounts.

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NBFC, Microfinance and Core Banking

  1. Automated Customer Onboarding
  2. Automated Credit Score & ID verification
  3. Automated Loan Disbersement
  4. Automated Daily, Weekly Monthly Collection
  5. Automated Interest & Penalty. IRR, Reducing Balance, Deduct Int., Equated Int., First Int. Then Equated Principal., Etc.

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Automated Collection For Small Financiers

  1. Daily, Weekly & Monthly Collection Using Mobile
  2. No Paperwork, No Field Machine, No Printer
  3. Real Time Collection Monitoring
  4. Collection Using e-Mandate (Bank to Bank Auto Transfer)
  5. SMS Using Your Company Sender ID

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Automated Accounting With Easy User Interface

  1. Customization As Per Your Need
  2. Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Party Ledger, Customer Trial, Profit & Loss, Day Book
  3. Income Projections
  4. Collection By Staff, Agent Commission
  5. Layman Can Use Jainam Software Without Training

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30K Users In 25 Countries

NBFC, Small Finance Bank, MFIs, Credit Co-operative Society, Nidhi, ChitFund, Group Finance, Hire Purchase, Recovery Agency, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Collection Company, Insurance Company, Money Lenders, Susu Company, Credit Officer Collection, RD, FD, Savings.

Provide Login To Partner, Staff, Credit Officer Provide Login To Customers For Digital PaymentFree Field Collection Using Mobile App. Real Time Collection DetailsFree Access Our Automated System From Anywhere In The WorldFree Zero Paperwork, Automated Accounting, Digitalized Payment System More Than 150 Interest Calculations To Meet Your Business NeedFree

30,000+ App Users

Automated Digital Solution

Customer Onboarding From Mobile. Documents Auto Verification, Loan Approval Process. Auto Verify Credit Rating, ID, Mobile, Bank Account, GST. Auto Payment, Auto Collection, Auto Interest, Auto Penalty... Real Time!


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